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Tulle petticoat – vintage to vibrant

To order up to three swatches, please email rob@dorisdesigns.co.uk 

We have a large selection of colours and prints. We sell pastel coloured petticoats such as peach, grey, pink, ivory to achieve a vintage-style look. And for the more vibrant alternative look, we sell petticoats in orange, green, yellow, fuchsia aquamarine and many many more. We even have prints such as leopard and zebra as well as multi-coloured petticoats. Here we’ve tired to give you a good idea of the color of our petticoat skirts with close-ups of the material. However, please be mindful that different screens show colours differently depending on your settings.

ColourSwatch17" Long21" Long26" Long
View Black PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Black Petticoat Swatch
View White PetticoatColoured Petticoats - White Petticoat Swatch
View Peach PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Peach Petticoat Swatch
View Ivory PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Ivory Petticoat Swatch
View Pink PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Pink Petticoat Swatch
View Aquamarine Blue PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Aquamarine Blue Petticoat Swatch
View Yellow PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Yellow Petticoat Swatch
View Sky Blue PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Sky Blue Petticoat Swatch
View Orange PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Orange Petticoat Swatch
View Lilac PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Lilac Petticoat Swatch
View Navy PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Navy Petticoat Swatch
View Cornflower Blue PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Cornflower Blue Petticoat Swatch
View Blush Red PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Blush Red Petticoat Swatch
View Bluebell Purple PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Bluebell Purple Petticoat Swatch
View Grey PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Grey Petticoat Swatch
View Fuchsia Pink PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Fuschia Pink Petticoat Swatch
View Purple PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Purple Petticoat Swatch
View Green PetticoatColoured Petticoats - Green Petticoat Swatch

Tulle PetticoatQuality & Features

  • Our tulle petticoats are beautifully stitched.
  • They have super quality, unlike some petticoats which are made of stiff net.
  • With over 36 meters of layered soft chiffon, your petticoat will have beautiful bounce and body.
  • A quality satin ribbon gives a stunning final touch to our Doris petticoats.
  • The long waist panel (5.5 inches) gives a flat tummy finish, so there is no puffiness in the wrong places.
  • Your stunning tulle petticoat will grow after hanging.
  • We recommend hanging in a steamed bathroom to remove creases quickly.
  • Your petticoat will arrive in a gorgeous white cotton bag for safe keeping.

Size & Fit

Our Doris petticoats are adjustable to make a plus size petticoat to a petite petticoat. They come three lengths: 17 inches, 21 inches and 26inches.

Un-stretched (23 inches)63426
Button expanded (43 inches)24522024

Tulle Petticoat sizing

Tulle Petticoat BagLooking after your tulle petticoat

  • If you purchase your petticoat online you will receive a free cotton Doris embroidered bag.
  • We recommend you store your petticoat in this gorgeous bag.
  • Hand wash your tulle petticoat only in luke warm water.
  • Dry your petticoat flat to keep the fullness of the skirt.
  • To remove creases quickly hang in your bathroom with hot steam.
  • Do not machine wash your petticoat.
  • Give your petticoat the love it deserves.

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