Grey Petticoat for Plus-Size Ladies

Tania Marston

Grey Petticoat for Plus Size Ladies

Vintage style enthusiast, Miss Amy May loves retro clothing. She gives tips, tricks and advice to those new to the retro-style. Miss Amy May gives honest opinions and advice on fit, particularly for ladies who find plus-sizing during online shopping difficult. On Miss May’s bog you’ll find posts about embracing your body, style and self.  We were delighted that Miss Amy May loves her Doris grey petticoat. Here she shares with us her enthusiasm on her recent blog posting.

Review from Miss Amy May

It’s no secret: I love petticoats. It is a rare occasion when you will catch me wearing my vintage style pretties sans petticoat. I love the glamorous, luxurious feel that extra (sometimes obnoxious) circumference in the skirt gives a look. Especially since, the bigger the skirt the smaller your waist looks in comparison. I simply love the look of a petticoated skirt. Wearing a fluffy, puffy, soft petticoat is just fun. It swishes and sways as you move, walk, spin. It gives one a definite princess feel.

Grey Petticoat-11

Grey Petticoat

Basically, petticoats are joyful little wearable clouds and I am always happy to welcome more of them into my life. Trying new petticoat brands is one of my favourite parts of dressing in a vintage style. A good quality petticoat makes a big difference to how your vintage outfit looks but also, importantly, how it feels to wear it. Scratchy, stiff pettis are no fun to endure, so a soft underskirt makes your day that little bit more comfortable.

Grey Petticoat-10

I only recently discovered Doris Designs Petticoats on Instagram but I could tell just by looking at their pictures that their line offered truly soft petticoats. Spoiler alert: I was right.

Grey Petticoat-5

They’re available in over 20 beautiful colours, including shades I don’t think I’ve ever seen readily offered elsewhere, like this gorgeous soft neutral grey. Deciding which colour I wanted was a truly difficult decision. The beautiful bluebell purple, rich blush red and perfect navy colourways were all calling my name. I eventually selected grey as my favourite.

Grey Petticoat-4

Apart from how utterly gorgeous and soft this petticoat is, I love that it comes with its own cotton storage dustbag. All my other petticoats tend to live jumbled at the bottom of my wardrobe most of the time. This bag sports the Doris Designs logo, ensuring I’ll be able to find my Doris petti easily.

Grey Petticoat-3

For ladies looking for a special occasion petticoat, especially to complete a bridal or wedding party look, the quality of product and wide selection of colours means you’re bound to find the right petticoat for finishing off your outfit in style.

Find out more

Check out gorgeous Miss Amy May’s blogInstagram and Facebook pages for plus-sized styling inspiration. For more inspiration on your grey petticoat visit out Doris Designs Gallery or buy online on the Doris Designs website.


Thank you to all the suppliers who contributed to this beautiful shoot, and most of all thank you to the gorgeous Miss Amy May for being so fabulous and fun.

Grey Petticoat by Doris Designs
Dress: Gigi dress by the Pretty Dress Company
Shoes: Joyce black satin mules by Lindy Bop

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