No Better Year For The Petticoat

Tania Marston

Multi-Natioan Blue Petticoat-13

With 2017 bringing up so many serious and surprising trends before it has quite started, there’s no better time for a petticoat. Expressing your fun side, and bringing in a little romance, is just what your soul needs.

Can you think of any piece of clothing that shouts fun and dance; screams joy and femininity; and which brings out the innocent, childlike side of you other than your favourite Doris Designs soft petticoat? No, I’m sure those austere cotton ones we wore to school and the scratchy net ones we found in gram’s attic can’t compare, especially not in 2017.

Doris Designs sumptuous ones with their vivid colours can only be described as exuberant! Just looking at those bright ruffled coloured circles lifts my mood immediately.

Aren’t petticoats so much fun! Skipping along in your petticoat at your best mate’s wedding or turning up at your parent’s anniversary dinner in one also may shock and amaze the other attendees, one thing is for sure – you cannot be ignored!.

This is your year, your turn to be in the spotlight!

2017 should be about you and countering all the stresses caused by the news and the world at large. This is the year for really treating yourself, truly expressing yourself, finding the True You may never be so important.

As for finding love and romance… Let’s be honest, shall we. Shedding your work clothes and slipping into jeans may be super comfortable, but it does tend to leave you stuck in that masculine energy. Slipping into your favourite miniskirt or LBD may ooze sexy, but makes it hard to express your playful side. Neither classic jeans nor the sultry LBD are able to distinguish you from all the other women out there looking for love; much less romance.

Teaming a wide black skirt with a blush red, orange, or yellow petticoat will instantly put you in the mood to Paso Doble the night away, even if it’s not strictly ballroom. Putting on your floral summer dress and a peach petticoat should make your next cruise holiday a blast. It’ll certainly give you something unique to wear to the Captain’s party, plus more way options for the fancy-dress!

Express your own unique exuberance this year in your most vibrant petticoat. Paso Doble, Rock Chick, or Fifties Fem? It’s time for the world to see you – the real you!

One Comment

  1. Lydia
    6th February 2017 at 3:16 pm

    I had no idea that anyone still wore petticoats. How interesting!

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