How To Style A Sea Stripes Tulle Petticoat

Tania Marston

Sea Stripes Tulle Petticoat

The catwalk is all about blues and stripes in 2017. What better way to weave this trend into your nautical sea seafaring look. This look was bought to the catwalk by Coco Chanel back in 1917. It’s a lasting style that keeps re-emerging year after year, particularly in the warmer months.
It oozes elegance, simplicity and style and adds a bit of fun to our lives. Brenton stripes are adorned by most, including movie stars and of course the British Royal Family. The duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, often favours this look. You can achieve this style with buckles, blazer, striped dress, lacings and stripes in bold vertical colours.

Here our Doris retailer in Prague show how to can create the look with your Doris petticoat.

Sear Stripes Tulle Petticoat
And we have some gorgeous sailor-chic nautical swing dresses that you can buy online that will work wonderfully with your Doris petticoat.

Sailors and petticoats!

Navy dress
£27 –

Trapeze dress
£20 –

Stripe dress
£18 –

Navy dress
£31 –

Flared dress
£21 –

Swing dress
£17 –

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