Multi-Molly Pink Petticoat Underskirt


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Your multi-molly pink petticoat underskirt also comes in lots of other scrumptious vintage and vibrant colours.


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  • Beautifully stitched and made to the highest quality. Unlike other petticoats made of stiff polyester net and much less material.
  • Over 36 meters of layered, soft light 100% chiffon tulle. This gives your multi-molly pink petticoat great bounce and body.
  • Beautiful pink satin ribbon.
  • Long waist panel (5.5 inches) giving a flatter waist.
  • Your stunning multi-molly petticoat will grow after hanging. For quicker growth hang in a steamed bathroom.
  • Arrives in a gorgeous white cotton bag for safe keeping.

Multi-molly pink petticoat inspiration

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