White Petticoat Underskirt


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Your white petticoat also comes in lots of other scrumptious vintage and vibrant colours.


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  • Beautifully stitched and made to the highest quality. Unlike other petticoats made of stiff polyester net and much less material.
  • Over 36 meters of layered, soft light 100% chiffon tulle. This gives your white petticoat great bounce and body.
  • Beautiful white satin ribbon.
  • Long waist panel (5.5 inches) giving a flatter waist.
  • Your stunning white petticoat will grow after hanging. For quicker growth hang in a steamed bathroom.
  • Arrives in a gorgeous white cotton bag for safe keeping.

White petticoat inspiration

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Kathryn (verified owner)

    I love, love, love this petticoat!!
    I’m making a frock from an old 1950s pattern for a family wedding, but didn’t really want to make the petticoat,so started looking…
    I didn’t want net or tulle, as a child I competed in Ballroom dancing & wore ‘sticky out’ dresses until a teenager & even 30 years later I can still remember the feel of the petticoats. So been there done that don’t want to do it again!.
    This also meant I knew how net acted, &I wanted a shape which softly swept out to bottom &tonnes of fluff underneath.
    We found Doris quite early in our search, but my dress was longer than tea length, &needed at least 30inch drop, which Doris didn’t do. I searched the web for hours&hours &couldn’t find anything near as nice as Doris. So I had a decisions to make, keep the length of frock with sub-standard petticoat or shorten frock with the right petticoat.
    I ordered from Doris!
    My lovely white petticoat arrived a couple of days ago & it is beautiful!!!
    I took it out of the bag (that is really good quality, I wasn’t expecting the logo to be embroidered) hung it up & over the next couple of hours we watched it grow!
    When I put it on I’m sure I did what most do, stood& swished it about.
    It is EXACTLY what I imagined.I got the 26″ drop and plan to wear it pulled down onto my hips so I can add length &it sits comfortably. It feels lovely.
    I sew a lot so when I do buy something I’m always critically looking at fabric quality. This petticoat fabric looks& feels really great. It is so, so, soft, not a bit itchy or scratchy, the satiny fabric on the hips is soft &strong, even the ribbon is good stuff. I couldn’t find this quality tricot fabric in UK &even if I had there is no way I could have made this petticoat for anywhere near this price!
    Now I have the petticoat I can start on the frock. My only disappointment is that this frock needs a plain white petticoat, so after the wedding I will be looking at getting another, the problem will be choosing from all of the beautiful colours!!
    Thank You Doris xx

    • Tania Marston

      Wow, thank you ever so much for such a beautiful review. We’re so happy that you are enjoying your skirt. Thank you so much for taking the time x

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Rosie (verified owner)

    Beautiful frothy petticoat, looks perfect under my vintage style dresses. Always get lots of compliments when I wear it…which is almost daily! Washes really well too. Also have the red petticoat, and eyeing up a couple more! You won’t be disappointed with your purchase, I own other petticoats from other manufacturers, these are by far the fullest and the softest.

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