Themed Weddings In The UK

Tania Marston

Ask any UK bride to be and they will tell you that themed weddings are what’s in. Whether it is a 50’s themed wedding complete with a classic car and petticoats, or a rockabilly themed wedding meant to keep the party going long after the reception, themed weddings have become increasingly popular here in the UK.

Does that mean that the weddings themselves have gotten more extravagant, thus more expensive as well? Does this trend also mean that there is a need for a wedding planner as the soon to be married couple won’t have the time or resources to design, set up and create the perfectly themed evening?

The answer to that is a resounding no. The married couple can create a themed wedding all on their own with some innovative ideas, interesting props and beautiful clothing from Doris Designs.

How can Doris Designs tie in with weddings?

Doris Designs offers some of the UK’s finest petticoats that can turn an ordinary wedding into something extraordinary. The bride to be and her maids of honour will look astounding in our beautifully designed and hand crafted petticoats. No matter what the look you’re going for, a petticoat from Doris Designs is sure to make the wedding photos more glamourous, more sophisticated and much more interesting. Even if your taste is more on the wild side, our leopard and zebra prints will help you pull it off in style.

Why have a wedding that no one will remember, when you can create a themed wedding that will have your guests talking about it long after the honeymoon. What is your idea for your own themed wedding and how can a petticoat from Doris Designs help make your vision a reality?

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