Georgina & Alexander – Vegas Wedding Celebration

Tania Marston

Marriage is about compromise; this rings very true for gorgeous nurse Georgina and her equally beautiful husband, Alexander who is a data manager.  With somewhat different ideas for their wedding, they decided to do both – from Leeds to Vegas. Georgina wore her gorgeous Doris Designs Ivory Petticoat under her 50s inspired celebration dress. The gorgeous couple who met online share their Vegas Wedding celebration story with Doris…

Tell us about your engagement?

We got engaged in 2013 during a weekend away at a beautiful barn conversion in Lincoln. We initially had a big wedding with all of our family and friends in Leeds in 2015. However when we got engaged Alexander wanted a Vegas wedding with just the two of us but I wanted a family wedding so we conpromised and decided to do both!

Vegas Wedding _ Doris Designs Petticoats

How was the wedding planning?

It’s really hard planning a vow renewal in another country! I used Instagram to find local services that I would want to use; this was invaluable to us.

We wanted the vow renewal to be romantic. When you think of a Vegas wedding you think of Elvis and drive through weddings. However once I started investigating I discovered that Vegas can be very romantic! We hired an officiant who would perform a ceremony for us in a location of our choice. This gives much more flexibility and choice, rather than picking a Vegas chapel. The officiant was lovely and everything was really straight forward. We also arranged a photographer who was also invaluable at suggesting locations.

Vegas Wedding _ Doris Designs Petticoats

So, the venue?

One of the best parts of a vow renewal is that you can think outside of the box; you don’t need to stick to traditional venues. As you’re already married you can choose something different. We didn’t want to recreate our wedding. Our wedding was wonderful and traditional in so many ways; we wanted something just for us, that felt intimate and different in equal measure.

I had been looking on Pinterest and saw pins of a Vegas wedding. The bride had a 50s dress and was in Downtown Vegas. As soon as I saw the retro lights and buildings I was in love! I knew I wanted a similar vibe!

Vegas Wedding _ Doris Designs Petticoats

We decided Symphony Park was the perfect setting. The 1.9-acre Donald W. Reynolds Symphony Park is a beautiful grass setting with an amazing view of Downtown Las Vegas. They have a wonderful area that we decided we would have the Vegas Wedding ceremony at, in front of brightly coloured backdrop.

Tell us about some of the detail

We both wrote our own vows to say to one another for our renewal; this was perfect as on our 1st wedding we would never have had the nerves to do this in front of a room full of family and friends. This made the renewal very special and personal. The park was empty other than a few others across the park. It was really nice after the ceremony as they started clapping and cheering; this was a really cute moment. We picked readings; it was lovely and very personal.

Vegas Wedding _ Doris Designs PetticoatsAnd your outfits for the day? 

I didn’t want a wedding dress for the Vegas Wedding renewal but I did want something that I would feel special in. I wanted something 50s inspired. I looked on Joanie clothing and found my dress in the sale. I bought my crystal belt from eBay to give the dress a bridal look without being over the top.

Vegas Wedding _ Doris Designs Petticoats

I bought my Doris petticoat originally for my first wedding. I knew I wanted to wear it for my Vegas wedding renewal so I was super happy when I found my Joanie dress as it matched so well. I felt amazing in it – like a 50’s queen. I got so many comments and people stopping us on Fremont Street to say how much they loved the dress and petticoat. I bought my shoes from Quiz clothing. Alexander wore trousers from Vivienne Westwood that he had worn on our first wedding –  he wore braces and a shirt.

Vegas Wedding _ Doris Designs Petticoats

Did you have a hair and make-up artist?

Make up is my passion so this was the exciting part for me. I found Las Vegas Make-Up Girl on Instagram. She came to my hotel room to do my make up and did a wonderful job.

Vegas Wedding _ Doris Designs Petticoats

Tell us about your flowers?

I found my florist on Instagram. She did my flowers last minute with a day’s notice and delivered them to my hotel room. I decided to go for bright pink roses to give our photos some pop. It really worked and I was so pleased with them; they were beautiful!

Vegas Wedding _ Doris Designs Petticoats

Did you have a first dance?

No, we had a game of blackjack instead and a large gin on freemont street instead.

Vegas Wedding _ Doris Designs Petticoats

Everyone was really friendly and helped celebrate our renewal. We were constantly stopped to be offered congratulations and this made the day even more special. Weddings are really celebrated in Vegas. One of the most special parts of the day compared to our traditional wedding is that Alexander and I were able to share the whole day from having breakfast to getting ready to having the last drink of the night. This is something we both missed on our first wedding.


Venue: Symphony Park

Dress: Joanie Clothing

Shoes: Quiz Clothing

Petticoat: Doris Designs

Make-up: Las Vegas Make-Up Girl

Florist: Instagram

A note from our Editor Tania Marston from Doris Petticoats…

Thank you Georgina and Alexander for sharing your fabulous Vegas celebration with Doris Designs xxx

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